The effects of lockdown are manifested also in the mobile telephony sector, given that the period following the quarantine it was opened by a reduction in rents and an increase in the Giga compared to the situation in march 2020. has compared the rates mobile pre-and post-lockdown, confirming that the mobile market has undergone some significant changes during the period between march 2020 and June 2020: the period of compulsory quarantine has led, in fact, the major operators to readjust their prices to adapt to the changing needs of the users.

This is a direct consequence of the increasing demand of connection to the Internet that emerged during the lockdown, the time in which the network has become the main channel of connection with family, friends and colleagues, the tool to remain in contact with the world and with themselves.

There have been specifically analysed the rates of the operators, MNO, Mobile Network Operator, the MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

The first are the traditional operators (Vodafone, TIM, WINDTRE and Iliad), or those that have a proprietary network. The virtual operators, instead, they differ for the fact of having to support the network of one MNO to be able to guarantee the coverage from the mobile to its customers.

A first evolution relative to the number of minutes, SMS and Gigabytes included in the rates for mobile telephony is already apparent from the comparison between August 2019 and march 2020, both as regards the amount of rates MVNO and MNO, is if you evaluate the rates of the MNO individually. In particular, it emerges that in 2019, the average of the rates MNO+MVNO was characterized by 2.406 minutes, 1937 SMS and 38,46 Jig included in a monthly fee with an average cost equal to 11,68 euro.

In march 2020 has witnessed the first lowering of the monthly fee, which has reached an average of 11,55 euros per month. At the same time, have been recorded the following increases: the minutes have reached 2.350, SMS 2.055 and the Giga 43,46.

Taking into consideration only the rates of the traditional operators, the situation is slightly different: between August 2019 and march 2020, in fact increased the SMS and the Jig at the disposal of the users, but declined the calls available, against a fee increase which is passed by 13,71 € 16,32 € per month.

Telefonia mobile- lockdown

Also interesting are the data resulting from the comparison between the period before the lockdown, and the one immediately following, i.e. between march and June 2020. The changes manifested themselves in similar rates among MNO+MVNO, and those only MNO, but in this second case are more evident.

The average of the bids MNO+MVNO has registered a 3.4% increase in the number of minutes included and a 3.5% in the number of Giga monthly. There has been a reduction in the number of SMS provided in the promotions, equal to 24.2%, and a decrease in the costs of promotions, which have achieved 11,12 euros a month, down 3.7%.

The rates of the traditional operators have undergone an increase equal to 2.2% of the minutes included in the offer and 6.8% of the Jig provided in the promotion. The reduction of the messages touched for 22.3%, while that of the cost of the fare has reached 4.8%.

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