For a few weeks, it is known that OnePlus is working on a new pair of earphones true wireless, the first for the company in asia in mid-April announced the First Wireless Z with cable connection between a headset and the other.

According to the latest rumors, the wireless headphones would be expected by July , or otherwise in connection with the launch of the future range of smartphones OnePlus 8T. More details on the product, come now, thanks to some code strings contained in the first Developer Preview of Android 11 released a few days ago to OP8 and OP8 Pro.

The new references are present in the APK of the app Settings and involve:

  • Name: the new headphones true wireless should be called OnePlus Pods, a different name compared to the OnePlus Buds leaked at the end of may;
  • Application: the OnePlus Pods should also be connected to a specific app where the ID should match to the com.oneplus.twspods;
  • Other: then there are more references to classes BluetoothDashboardFragment, BluetoothDeviceDetailsFragment, OnePlusPodDevice and OnePlusUpdate. The first is the code to read the battery level of each of the earpieces, while the second mentions some of the actions such as double tap to play or pause music, OTA updates and features, “Find my headset”Bluetooth;
  • Correlation with the TWS of Oppo: in some parts of the APK you can finally find feedback on “oppoPodsService”, which suggests that there may exist a sort of correlation between the Oppo Enco W31 (or the Enco Free) and future headphones of OnePlus.