iPhone 12 Pro: producers of sensors and ToF is preparing for mass production | Rumor

As another possible proof that the iPhone 12 Pro will include a ToF sensor (time-of-flight), a new report states that manufacturers of components of the supply chain of Apple are preparing for mass production.

The operation of these sensors is simple, the ToF emits a laser pulse that is used to make bounce on the objects. By measuring how long it takes for the laser to hit the object and return to the sensor, it is possible to understand as it is far away. This allows you to create maps and detailed 3D spaces , and could help Apple to improve both the technology of his camera for iPhone is the functions of augmented reality.

According To Digitimes:

“According to reports, the foundry Win Semiconductors has obtained orders for the production of chip VCSEL to support the 3D sensor and the new models of the iPhone, the source said. “

Currently, Apple relies on Lumentum for the laser TrueDepth, the system of front cameras that feeds, Face ID, Animoji and other features on iPhone and iPad. Unlike TrueDepth, the next system should calculate the depth with the technology, time-of-flight (ToF).

Compared to TrueDepth, systems, ToF are generally considered to be the most accurate and feasible on long distances. This last consideration is important for a system that is designed to measure the world of a user.

In the case of the iPhone 12 Pro, it is rumored that Apple will introduce such sensors in the rear camera. These will help the company to improve the augmented reality and camera technology of the new models of the iPhone.

All suppliers of components, VCSEL’s have declined to comment on the relationship of the media or the question to customers, but have stated that they expect that the prices of these components increase in the third quarter together with a strong demand.