After two episodes live, we return with a new episode recorded. This week we talk about WWDC 2020: what to expect in the planning conference of Apple this year?

In the Podcast today on the WWDC 2020

Welcome to the thirty-ninth episode of SEASON 9 of the podcast of iPhoneItalia.

The next June 22 at 10 a.m. local Apple take the usual keynote opening of WWDC 2020 which, this year, will be held online only. In this episode, we talk about the news that may arrive during the event. Not only that, we will talk about also of the news that we’d like to see in the course of the WWDC 2020.

During the episode we touch also on some of the themes on the lips of many: will come soon a MacBook with ARM? This and much more in this new episode of our podcast.

Let us know if you would like a episode of the podcast immediately after the keynote opening of the WWDC2020!

These are the key issues addressed in this podcast:

  • WWDC 2020
  • iOS 14
  • Mac ARM
  • iPhone 2020
  • Apple events from here to the end of the year

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Giovanni Longo @giolongoo
Claudio Sardaro @ClauoITA

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