TIM has officially announced the new Supergiga 40 and Supergiga 100: both offers had already been anticipated in recent days and are now activatable directly on the official website of the operator.

It is, in particular, of the rates, only data traffic Supergiga 20 and Supergiga 50 on the price list for a long time, but thanks to the recent promotion of the Italian operator double free threshold monthly for the first 3 months. To follow all the details.

The first offering announced is the Supergiga 40 and provides a 20 – 40GB at 9.99 euros each month for 3 months. At the expiration of the promotion (after 3 months), the offer will be renewed at the same price, but the JIG is available-they’ll be 20.

It is possible to choose the activation on the new TIM Card or the TIM Card is already active. With the activation of a new line is also expected to purchase a TIM Card which has a cost of 25€, including 5€ for the activation, and 20€ of prepaid traffic included, apart from what may be indicated on the text of the sticker of the TIM Card.

To the overcoming of the Giga available the navigation continues to 1.90 euro for each additional 200 megabytes (max 1 GB).

The second and latest offering is the Supergiga 100, and as easily understood as offers 100GB of data traffic per month for the first 3 months. The cost, in this case, is equal to 13,99 euros per month. At the end of the period promoted the option to renew at the same price, but the data bundle you will cut.

In both cases, for new customers who decide to activate online the first month of the offer will be free of charge. The charge of the offerings can be made through the use of the remaining credit on the TIM Card, using bonuses credited to the TIM Card via discounts and/or promotions, via credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, and Amex), prepaid cards, on bank or postal current account.