LG has installed its first LED screen Cinema in a room of the chain Showtime Cinemas in Taiwan. The Korean giant is, therefore, officially entered in the market of the displays for cinemas, thus following in the footsteps of compatriot Samsung, which already offers its MicroLED.

The official material does not dwell in great detail on the technologies used and on the technical characteristics, preferring to focus instead on elements that are more easy to communicate. It emphasizes, for example, the capacity of each pixel (each of which corresponds to a module LED) to emit individually light.

The LED Cinema installed in Taiwan measure about 14 meters in width and 7 in height and has a 4K resolution, 4096 x 2160 pixels. The audio system has been realised in synergy with the Dolby Laboratories and supports, obviously, is the Dolby Atmos. The room created has a total of 300 seats.

LG has declared to be very confident of the capabilities offered by the LED Cinema. The goal is already outlined and is the same that in mind, Samsung and Sony its Crystal LED: to offer an alternative to the projectors and the driving force of the growing market of the LED screens for the cinema.