Apple is one of the 18 technology companies committed to achieving new technological tools to fight abuse sexual on child.

apple Technology Coalition

The Technology Coalition (TTC) was founded in 2006 and today has announced a new initiative called Project Protect. In addition to Apple, other members of the coalition include Adobe, Amazon, Cloudflare, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, GoDaddy, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Roblox, Snap, Twitter, Verizon, VSCO, I and Yobo.

Fifteen years ago, the Technology Coalition was created to combat the exploitation and sexual abuse online on the minors. Today, the coalition presents a new tool, realized thanks to the contribution of several companies in tech.

The TTC says that its members are establishing a fund for research and innovation multi-million dollar to create in the future more on technology tools to fight child abuse online. Every year, it will be published a report on the state of progress of the work and will be organized a forum to bring together the leading experts in the industry.

Reuters notes that the decision of the TTC to increase the visibility of its work to combat the sexual abuse of minors may be directed to curb the increasing pressure in the USA to compromise encryption systems end-to-end used by technology companies to ensure maximum security to customers who use the messaging app, the services, and file storage.