The shares of AAPL to reach a new historical maximum

Apple shares closed Tuesday with a absolute record, reaching the price of 343,99 $ per share at the end of trading. As noted by CNBC, the big tech companies are getting good results during the pandemic of COVID-19.

With people who work from home and rely on online services and, in some cases, they have to buy new devices, Apple and other technology companies have not been affected by the current global situation. The colossus of Cupertino, in particular, has seen a decline in stocks between February and March of this year, mainly because of the constraints of the suppliers.

At the time, the market value of Apple is estimated at 1,495 billion dollarthe and may increase again in the future. According to reports, the company will announce its transition to ARM chips for its line of Mac at WWDC this month, and analysts are optimistic about how these changes will impact on AAPL.