Also, Thailand will introduce a new law to force service providers the payment of taxes on digital goods sold in the country. Among these companies include Apple, Google and Amazon.


The choice of Thailand follows the measures taken by many other countries around the world to modify the taxation in respect of multinational companies, which often use ruses, however, legal to pay taxes where the taxes are less heavy.

The digital tax proposal from Thailand requires technology companies to foreign earn 1.8 million baht (approximately 57.500 dollars) to pay the 7% tax on any digital product sold to the citizens of thai. This new tax could bring in each year up to 3 billion baht, approximately $ 94 million, into the coffers of the country. “Whoever gains money from the thai-should pay taxes to the country,“ said Thanawat Malabuppha, president of the Thai e-Commerce Association.

Among the digital products sold by Apple includes the purchases on the App Store, the streaming, like Apple Music and Apple TV+, but also iCloud. Of course, this rule also affects other companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix and Spotify. It is not excluded that the prices of these digital services will increase to the detriment of the customers of thai.

Similar measures may soon be taken also in the countries of the EU.