iOS 13.6: The app Health get a new card “Symptoms”

In the new beta version of iOS 13.6, in addition to a new switch to manage automatic updates, the app Health get a new card “Symptoms“.

The section seems to allow users to add symptoms of various diseases such as muscle aches, cough, dizziness, fainting, headache, nausea, and more.

Users are able to add the data of the symptoms through the app Health by tapping the option “Add data“, providing a way to track and record over time the various symptoms related to the disease.

Every symptom that is listed in the app has a description, and the input options will vary depending on the symptom in question, with options to add more details to describe the symptoms as Severe, Moderate, Slight, present or Not Present.

The app Health previously had options for the recording of symptoms related to menstruation for the monitoring function of the cycle, but this function of the general symptoms is more extensive and, presumably, will allow patients to share health information more detailed with their doctors.