“New” step forward for the project, the fixed network to the Iliad: the Ministry of Economic Development has granted formally to the operator on the French permission. In fact, the authorization is active already in march, but the document that confirms it (which you can see in the bottom of the article by clicking on the SOURCE) has been updated from just a few days (that’s why “New” is between quotation marks).

The fixed network is part of the growth plan of the Iliad from the beginning, but in the course of work times are greatly shortened. If initially you were talking about 2024, now it seems that the operation may materialize even in the next year. According to rumors, the operator is very close to an agreement with the Open Fiber for the exploitation of its fiber optic line. It is true that the Open Fiber does not get you everywhere, so other operators could be asked to offer a more comprehensive coverage.

The fourth operator in italy has started well the year 2020, registering more than 500,000 new subscribers in the first quarter of the year. It will be interesting to see how things have gone in the second quarter, the peak of the pandemic COVID-19: with half of Italy in quarantine, the mobile traffic has been pretty penalized to the advantage of the one from the fixed network (hence, it is plausible to speculate, not to rush to enter this field, also in the light of the benefits of the decree on the Care of Italy).