Microsoft Teams now officially supports the application of custom backgrounds during video conferencing: the roadmap for official confirmation of the reports that have appeared in recent days in the Network. It is important to say “officially” because for months it was possible to replace the preloaded with one of your own choice with a small trick. Now just navigate in the sidebar, customize the background and you will notice a new button at the top, which allow you to simply choose the image that you want.

The background can change during the video conference itself. Just click on the menu the three dots, which is right next to the buttons, such as disabling the camera and microphone, in the control toolbar, in-call, and choose the appropriate item from the context menu. Files are supported JPG, BMP, and PNG.

In the past few days, according to the report, the colleagues OnMSFT, Microsoft Teams now also supports the creation of meetings with the free account. Previously, the situation was similar to that of Google Meet: the app is available to download for free, but only to attend the conference. To create them and manage them needed a subscription to Microsoft 365.