Last year, we got to see a brief presentation of the Weird West, at the moment we do not know much, only that it is a sort of RPG. The title is in development at WolfEye Studios, led by Raphael Colantonio (director of Dishonored).

According to a recent interview, Colantonio has said that the title is without a doubt his most “big” project, despite having limited resources compared with those of Arkane:

“So I left Arkane and when I came back (in the industry) the whole has taken a different form. Resources minor team from a small but always great games, you will see what we will do with the Weird West, it’s a huge game, it could be my greatest game but they do not need 200 people to be realized. We took accurate decisions in relation to graphic style, and for this reason it can be made entirely with 4 artists.”

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As said before, we know very little about this title, with the only platform announced that is the PC. However, soon we will know more definitely.

What do you think?

SOURCE: Gamingbolt