Punctual as the test costume, the beginning of each summer season reopen the direct comparison between women and waxing. The doubts (and the curiosity) on the method to arrive at and, of course, looking for immediate answers. Fear the nth questioning your beautician? No problem, we thought about it we. Answer Sara Dallatorre, owner of the beauty center, Sun Club of Florence, in writing, to the portal, beauty Uala.

1 – numbing Cream for waxing, it is useful to put it?
“The creme sensitive are at the base of lidocaine, an active ingredient of a local anesthetic.

There are both in the form of a cream, the spray, but not the council why using these products it blocks the microcirculation and the beautician fails to have a distinct impression of the effectiveness of the tear. Unfortunately, there is no method to not have the pain, the only good one, is to do the waxing every 20 days because in this way the hair is grown, but is still weak.”

2 – What is the length of the hairs of the right to make the waxing?
“It all depends on the regrowth of the person because the hair as the hair is born, grows and dies. On average the waxing you should make every 15-20 days, and I recommend to not stretch too much about these times because in this range the coat generally has a length of 4mm, it is not too long, and therefore the tear is less painful”.

3 – Waxing the groin in pregnancy, you can do it ?
“In pregnancy, the waxing can be done anywhere. Surely it is more sensitive and perhaps will result in more pain, but the talcum powder is not needed to cushion the tear. We beauticians use it to rip the best hair in the humid areas of the body (like the groin of course), or during the summer when the customers tend to sweat, and you may not be able to stretch out and tear a good wax. In this particular period of the life of a woman I don’t recommend hair removal cream that contains chemical substances, while the way free laser that has no contraindications, not even in the breast-feeding”.

4 – How to remove the residue wax from the skin?
“It depends on the type of the wax, if it is fat-soluble, you just need a bit of warm water, unlike with olive oil, it has a double result: removes the wax, but the redness and any inflammation, because it has a soothing action. As an alternative to olive oil, any oil must be good”.

5 – How to prevent ingrown hairs?
“Ripping good in the opposite direction of the fur and if these appear, however, it’s not good to pull them via strizzandoli with the hands. Ingrown hairs should be treated with hot water, and brushed in the direction of the hair with a scrub light”.

6 – Expose yourself after the hair removal, is that okay?
“You can expose yourself to the sun immediately after hair removal or epilation, but the important thing is to apply sunscreen. The process should be this: wax, olive oil, a shower, sunscreen, sun bath. Only in this way, the pores have a way to quit and not run the risk spots on the skin”.

7 – The hot bath pre waxing to dilate the pores, it is useful?
“I suggest to my customers because it is not proven that it is helpful to dilate the pores, but it may be to do a scrub and eliminate ingrown hairs. Surely there are no contraindications”.