The Volkswagen has finalized an investment of € 2.3 billion in the Argo at THE, american society specialized in technologies for the autonomous guide belonging to the universe Ford. The startup Pittsburgh, founded in 2016 by Bryan Salesky, and Peter Rander, is now controlled together by the two car manufacturers, and so further strengthen their collaboration also extended to the electrical and the sharing of platforms for commercial vehicles.

The transfer of knowledge. The good outcome of the operation had already been anticipated a few days ago, when the Volkswagen has release new details on the strategies regarding joint initiatives of the two Houses. According to the agreement, in the headquarters of Argo will be transferred to the entire unit of German in Munich is responsible to guide the autonomous and artificial intelligence, leading to more than 1,000 people, the number of employees of the start-up of Pennsylvania.

You are working to sell the software. The move has the clear intention of sharing the development costs for a frontier, that of automated transportation, which presents good opportunities (for example in the mobility shared in the large urban areas) but also difficult challenges and, above all, very high costs (the planned investments up to 2023, amounted to almost € 3.6 billion, a good part for the development of the system of autonomous guide). In parallel, the two Houses are joining forces to create the software of management of the autonomous guide of the Argo at THE, with the intention to market it in the future, both in Europe and the United States.

Together but independent. In spite of these investments shared with Wolfsburg, says the Ford in a note, the american manufacturer will remain “independent and highly competitive in the build your own guide service, as a stand-alone”. The intention, in this context, is to focus on the individual experience of the customer, which – according to Ford – has changed, and will change their behaviour, also on the basis of the experience of the pandemic coronavirus: a change, which has as its central theme the security, that the House must listen in its offer of services to the autonomous guide.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.