This Friday 5 June, the canadian Prime minister participated in a demonstration in tribute to the Afro-american George Floyd was killed by a white policeman. At the event, which was taking place in the capital of Canada, Justin Trudeau has not hesitated to kneel down.

Justin Trudeau



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It is an image very rare to see a politician lay the knee on the ground. Yet the torture that was endured by George Floyd before death has actually bend the Prime minister of canada. This 5 June, it is in the capital city of Ottawa that was held the gathering in tribute to the man, 46-year-old killed by police officer Derek Chauvin on the 25th of may in Minnesota. And if on the side of the United States,Donald Trump prefers to encourage the governors to mobilize the national Guard to take control of the streets in North America, on the Canadian side it is a whole other scenario. Justin Trudeau visited an event organised in his country to denounce and fight against racism and police violence.

Justin Trudeau raises the knee in a tribute to George Floyd

With a black mask on the face, Justin Trudeau appeared to the sides of his fellow citizens. It is in front of the Parliament that the latter joined the gathering to honor the father of the family black. In the hands of the Prime Minister, a black t-shirt printed with the inscription in white letters on Black Lives Matterthat was presented to him by one of the protesters. In the course of his tribute, a symbolic gesture has not gone unnoticed. In effect, the politician, 48-year-old did not hesitate to pose one knee on the ground several times. And to echo the agony suffered by George Floyd for 8 minutes, and 46 seconds, the nape of the neck stuck under the knee of the white policeman, Justin Trudeau has stayed for the last time in this position during the same time. If he remained silent, the husband of Sophie Gregoire has yet approved by multiple nods to the speeches during the event which called for a ” change now “.