Umberto Calcagno, vice president of AIC, spoke to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss by analyzing the issues related to the resumption of football: “The protocol is one of the critical issues that remains. We hope that conditions in our country improve with the protocol. When it speaks of the afternoon hours, our intervention was to avoid problems of this nature. Play in the evening hours was an important first step. Start in the Coppa Italia? It is a solution that makes sense, allows for a running-in phase for many teams. Then it is a good competition with teams important. Likely that the first games, on want to resume, they are going with different intensity. Many teams have guys used to playing every 3 days. There will be someone who is used to playing every 3 days and who is not”.

Valencia-Atalanta – “it Was very difficult to understand what would have happened. Our position was clear in that moment. Choices are taken in a very short time which had important consequences”.