In the course of a video interview with GameSpot, Kim Libreri of Epic Games has shown the vision of nextgen in the company statunitens and explained that, thanks to the development tools offered by the Unreal Engine 5, the graphics of the video games will evolve to such a point as to create new forms of entertainment.

Thanks to the experience matured in the sector of the film industry (with a contribution to the realization of special effects for films like Matrix Revolutions, Space Jam, and Star Wars The Awakening of the Force, the Chief Technical Officer of Epic Games explains that “for quite a while, the development tools that we use to create graphical assets for games and film have been quite similar, even if the video game there has always been an additional step required in the creation of normal maps and mesh to a low resolution. This division will end with the arrival of engines like the Unreal Engine 5”.

In determining the evolution of the gaming industry to the big screen (and for some years also of the small, with the exponential growth of the TV series), Libreri points out that “almost everything that we have done to allow Hollywood to improve the quality of the films which employ computer graphics has also been used by game developers to give life, for example, characters with the face, eyes, and hair more realistic. The really interesting thing is that now we are witnessing a sort of intertwining in the way that people think and work in both areas.”

For the leader of Epic Games, then, the future of video games will be full of surprises thanks to the advent of graphics engines like the one admired in the tech demo PS5 Unreal Engine 5: “I Think that in the future you will see fantastic games with a great narrative that will be based on the Unreal Engine and other engines, it will be interesting to see where we will go from here to the next five years. We will see the birth of new forms of entertainment more provocative, even more, the border between games and films, just look at Fortnite and what is happening thanks to the concerts ingame that attract millions of fans”.