The app the Xbox Store was updated recently, and brings with it a series of changes in order to make it more accessible for navigation. However, that’s not all, because the app is going to implement the mod support for certain games.

At the moment, only a title now supports the mod on the Xbox Store, or Into The Breach of Subset Games. Steam has widely supported the mod for years, thanks to the Steam Workshop, and even Epic Games wants to bring the mod support in the near future. With regards to the Xbox Store, after that you authorize the mod support, there will be a message that warns users about the mod, informing also that these will be installed at your own risk.

Another warning informs you that “Xbox Live features may not work in the games moddati”. App updates can also stop the support of the mod, so it is recommended that you backup your files and savegames for users who test frequently new mod or have problems with the cloud save.


For now, as already said, only a game enables this feature. What other titles would you like to see with the mod support? Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Wccftech