There we are: the football starts again. After long weeks of stop to the pandemic, even with the stage empty and with the medical protocols to be respected strictly, takes the ball and not only Italian. Coppa Italia, Serie A and an eye always to the general situation. Here all the updates in real time in the live of Tuttomercatoweb.

13.08 – Nanni: “you Decide on the CTS. The audience at the stadium? You can” – “it is Not for us to decide – explains Gianni Nanni, coordinator of the sports doctors of the Series -but to the government, to the CTS”. The issue is now known of the quarantine team-which, again, remains the only real obstacle for the conclusion of the championships, which, once taken, are likely, given the current requirements, stop again. And on the public: “to re-Open the cinema, the theatres, I don’t see why you should bring back the public in the stadiums, of course, to a degree, and it would still be a good progress. Disciplinary inputs will not be so simple, but it is feasible.”

12.27 – With the Series To go back to their arbitrators – will Depart the Series, it starts again in the twenty-first team in the race: that of the arbitrators. From today, the race directors will be “armored” for a week in Coverciano, net of transfers needed for medical. Whistles, and the relevant staff should undergo strict controls and even more rigid routine. The referees will be tested today (results tomorrow) and then the 7, before ending the retreat. Not to be underestimated, even in their case, a positive could put in the crisis recovery.

11.50 – Algorithm in the case of the stop, tomorrow Gravina will explain the solution – In meeting tomorrow, Gravina will explain how it works in practice this mechanism arithmetic. In the first place, its limits: crystallize the ranking can lead to promotions, demotions, placement in europe, but not to the assignment of the Italian flag. In addition, the algorithm would come into play only after they are played for at least two days, and especially only in the case of a new stop with a different number of games played between the various teams. In case you stop and parity games, in fact, it would take the standings as is.

11.08 – Tardelli: “For the players to play to 17 will not be a problem” – Marco Tardelli, a candidate for the leadership of the AIC, the trade association of the players, say to the microphones of of the ten races of the Series positioned in the middle of the afternoon during the next month and a half of the championship: “I do Not agree with those who consider it a problem. It is a problem that does not exist. I have also played in July and August. We have played at times the worst. In an emergency you can adapt. For the players it will not be a problem getting on the field at 17:15. Surely at that time you will play in Lecce or Naples.”

10.21 – Waiting for the scheduling of the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia – If the verbal confrontation between Juventus and Inter on the calendar of the Italian Cup, which forces a start in the climb continues to be alive in the day today by the Government might get a good news. As reported by the Corriere della Sera of all four of the company still protagonists in the cup (in addition to juventus and inter, but there are also Milan and Naples), may see accepted their request to anticipate the two semi-finals a day: so Juventus-Milan could play in the evening of 12 June and Napoli-Inter that of 13.

9.44 – short-start meetings, Series B: today, the calendar for the end of the season – This morning, the Series B knows the date of the end of the season. To 10 is provided for a board of Directors of the men of Mauro Balata that will put black on white all the proposals circulating in these days of waiting, in the wake of the decision of the A. Then at 12 we will be Meeting with all associates who will evaluate the plan.

8.50 – The possibility of playoff/playout away – plan B, the one that tells of the newness of the playoff and playout in football, it moves away. The club does not want them as a way out if the league were to stop again, but not definitely, and, now, the Figc is considering to trigger the reverse. So, once the start of the season to 19.30 Saturday 20 June with the Turin and Parma, the B-plan of the president of the Gravina, there would remain only one: if due to the fault of a possible, and the sudden, exponential growth of infections in the football were forced to stop its, new, journey, would be adopted for the solution of the ranking, “crystallized”.

00.10 – Ukraine, 25 positive Karpaty Lviv between players and staff: the club goes into quarantine – The football team of ukraine for the Karpaty Lviv has been put in quarantine “for at least two weeks after 25 people, including players and staff were positive to the new coronavirus. The workouts have been suspended. The next two games for the team of Lviv, has been canceled. The Karpaty explained that about 65 people were subjected to test for coronavirus and urged other clubs to do the same with “maximum responsibility”.


23.40 – off the football, Gravina: “I Understand the fans that complain, but you could not wait for the vaccine” – “I experienced an inner conflict in the dramatic moments of the virus, but there needed to be understood if we had to compromise our movement in a definitive way”. So speaks the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, in a long interview to The Match in which he deals with the theme of the protests, the ultras in Italy against the resumption, it is judged to be a financial choice, to the detriment of health: “it is Not so – stresses Gravina -, the football starts again, because it is a hope for the whole Country. The fans have a reason and I understand them, but how can you think that while all the Country starts the football is stopped, re-starting later in August or September? You have to start with the raid in some way with the virus, you can not wait for the vaccine. There are 100 thousand people that work in the industry. At the international level are sharing all, I did not want to take the title of de L’equipe “Like idiots” and not let’s say. We will honor those who are not there anymore, and those who suffer the bereavement”.

22.55 – Starts the football in the republic of Bulgaria fans in the stadium with a capacity limited to 30% of the seats – Also in Bulgaria, as in Hungary, the fans can visit the stadium but in accordance with the rules on spacing social. The stadiums that will host the games d championship starting from June 5, will have a capacity limited to 30% of the places, such as theatres and cinemas. This was announced by the Ministry of Health

22.10 – The Premier gives the green light to the friendly preparation. So many rules to follow – The Premier League has today given the go-ahead to the club to compete in friendly competition, but with a series of instructions strict to follow. The companies of the top flight of English had asked permission to deal with other teams to step up the preparation of the return in the camp, set for next June 17. The games will be played in the stadiums or in the fields of training, respecting certain rules to ensure compliance with the rules of hygiene and distancing social. For example, the club with the exception of the Newcastle – will be forbidden to travel more than 90 minutes and all players must travel with their cars. Also will not be allowed arbitrators officers, who will be replaced by members of the technical staff and you will be able to use the changing rooms, to avoid unnecessary contact between players.

21.30 – Stop Ligue 1, the Council of State confirms: “June 4, we will examine the use of the Lyon” – This afternoon, the Board of the French State has announced that the requests sent from Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse, will be examined Thursday, 4 June: Thursday 4 June, 14:00, the Council of State will examine the appeals of Olympique Lyonnais, the Toulouse Football Club and the Amiens Sporting Club. The clubs are asking the Council of State to review the decision of the football League the professional to suspend the championship Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 ten days before the end of the competitions,” reads the e-mail sent to all the companies.

21.08 – Champions, UEFA and the ECA also evaluate a final eight to Lisbon. The final on the 22nd of August? – The next 17 June will meet the UEFA’s Executive Committee: a very important event, because it will serve to establish the format with which you will close the two european competitions and the dates on which you will run the games. A few days ago we talked about the almost certain resignation of Istanbul to host the final and the chance to play a sort of “final four” in another city. According to Mundo Deportivo, in the last interview with the ECA you would be insistent, the candidacy of Lisbon: the Da Luz, together with José Arvalade, could host the final four or even final eight. The reason is soon explained: the UEFA is trying to streamline the calendar of the beginning of the next season, and then would like to decrease the number of games to play. For this, he would be thinking ahead to anticipate the date of the final of the Champions League to the 22nd of August, instead of the expected – but not official – the 29. A solution that obviously may not appeal to television, and even the Europa League, which would have less coverage in the media.

20.03 – Case Switches, and Valencia, the Spanish club expects the opening of an investigation, UEFA – In the last few hours has done much to discuss the controversy between Gian Piero Gasperini, the Atalanta and Valencia on the interview where the technician confessed their discomfort in the hours of the challenge of the return of the Champions of the march 10, symptoms compatible with the infection by Coronavirus. A few hours later came the release of criticism of the Spanish club, then the response of the d & c which was confirmed by the observance of any rule or safety protocol. Valencia, however, there is and according to Brand the Spanish company continues to expect a tough stance on the part of UEFA and the Italian authorities. The club’s wort, is the law, he interpreted the words of Gasperini as a sort of car, public denunciation, and for this reason it is expected that the UEFA will open an investigation.

19.05 – Civil Protection, the bulletin: 318 new cases of the infection (-1.474 positive compared to yesterday). 55 dead in 24 hours – The Civil Protection has published data relating to the last 24 hours. Were made 52.159 swabs and identified 318 new positive COVID-19. The currently positive are 39.893, 1.474 less than yesterday. Compared to yesterday, killing 55 people affected by the coronavirus for a total of 33.530 deaths from the beginning of the epidemic. At the bottom of the data.
Currently positive: 39.893
Deceased: 33.530 (+55, +0,2%)
Discharged/Healed: 160.092 (+1.737, +1,1%)
Hospitalized in the Intensive care unit: 408 (-16, or 3.8%)
Swabs: 3.962.292 (+52.159)
Total cases: 233.515 (+318, +0,1%)

17.25 – Heel (AIC): “The elections? Serves a reform of the championships” – to The microphones of Radio Intercepts, in the course of ‘Style Juventus’, with the participation of the lawyer Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the Assocalciatori (AIC): “The times and all that has been discussed in recent days have led to an improvement of the conditions of play, the fact that now there are only 10 matches in the afternoon, and that will play at 17:15 it means that a problem was there and it was dealt with. You will play matches in the South at that time, I believe that you both found a good meeting point, because the health of the players is at the heart of all, especially in a period in which you have to play every three days”. (Click here to read the complete news!)

15.23 – The algorithm of Gravina to The plan C for the resumption of the football is called the algorithm. The Corriere della Sera tries to explain the mathematical game of the moment, that is, the project of Gabriele Gravina to determine the final ranking. The issue is complex: “it takes the ranking is incomplete, we evaluate the open spots in the house and outside, multiply by 19, and you add a coefficient for goals scored and suffered.” However, this takes no account of the calendar, which he could have avoided the X club difficult fights that Y has already had to face.

12.13 – Direct goal in the clear? A few chances as he writes The Republic, would appear to be reduced to the margins the possibility to VIncenzo Spadafora, the minister for Sport, to put in place a direct vol in the Clear for the races of the Serie A calendar stew certainly does not facilitate the project, but in any case the last word would lie with the Government and to the League.

11.33 – “Plan B” for the season 2020-2021 The words of Gabriele Gravina, number one of the FIGC, on the next championship, (“may, starting on the 12th of September, but also a little later. In case of impediment, the objective of article 218 of the Decree to Relaunch allows the FIGC exemptions from the sort of sports to reorganize the season”, ndr) leave open the road to Plan B. According to the Republic, if the season 2020-2021 were to begin in October, could be a regular season with 2 groups of 10 teams and 18 games each. Then the play-off and play-out.

11.05 – B asked for clarification on the plans in the case of the stop Plan B (the dispute of the play off and play out) and plan C (crystallization of the ranking and verdicts decided by the merit sports) are the two points on which the president of the League B Mauro Balata, and all 20 club cadet, want to see clearly to avoid misunderstanding and perhaps unpleasant queues in the courts. This is the contents of a letter sent to the number one of the Figc Gabriele Gravina (and forwarded to my colleagues From the Pine, Ghirelli and Sibilia) in view of the Federal Council of 8 June that should put an end to months of negotiations between the various realities of Italian football.

10.10 – France regrets the stop? The Team displays the words of Gérard López Fojaca, president and owner of Lille, which speaks of the decision to stop the championship, seen as a catastrophe “for the economic consequences and the sports that are derived from it”.

09.00 – Alloy is a free-for-all behind the Scenes about poisons in the Football League on the columns of the Republic , which tells the story of the presidents against the manager, big versus small, shooting against the stop. All against all, “a jungle,” says a veteran. In the game there is an armchair in Council: now, Lotito, president of Lazio, wants to Septa, number one in the Verona, in the Council of the League instead of Inter, Antonello, already represented by Marotta. The big instead cheer for De Laurentiis, president of Napoli.

The COMPLETE schedule OF THE SERIES Click here for the new calendar of the Series on TMW


22.02 – Calcagno: “we wish that the quarantine can be reduced” – Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the Italian football Players Association, has spoken to the microphones of TMW Radio to the quarantine team that threatens to paralyze the Series: “The same Ravine awaits findings from the Scientific and Technical Committee: it is a good omen, and above all, we have as a country system, that would mean that the curve continues to improve. For this reason I have criticized the Pro a League: it is immediately put on the defensive, giving up too soon to conclude the championships, without giving any chance as we’re doing for the Series A and B. Today, with playoff and playout, the Pro League may download the teams a situation really poorly managed”.

21.11 – Mancini: “in The beginning there will be results to be surprising – In the course of its intervention in the direct video on the Journal.en, the coach of the National team Roberto Mancini has spoken about the championship: I Think that in the beginning there will be some difficulty on the part of everyone, because many players will not be in top condition. The hope is to see that the players come into form, with the passing of the games. The pace at the beginning will not be as always, then it will be a little warmer. In a bit of trouble there will be, however, I hope to see good football. There will be upsets because it is one thing to play with the audience that sometimes you drag-and nobody”.


19.15 – Here is the new timetable for completing the Series! It starts from Turin-Parma – The Lega Serie A has announced the new timetable for completing the Series In 2019/20. It starts from the recoveries of the 25th round. Here is the program.
Saturday 20 June
19.30 – Turin-Parma (Sky)
21.45 – Hellas Verona-Cagliari (DAZN)
Sunday, June 21
19.30 – Atalanta-Sassuolo (Sky)
21.45 – Inter-Sampdoria (Sky)

18.31 – Cairo has clear ideas: “The algorithm is the antithesis of football” Urbano Cairo, president of Torino, to the microphones of ‘the has been expressed in a fairly marked way on the possibility of determining the ranking with an algorithm in the case of a new stop of the championship. “The sport is beautiful because it is unpredictable, as Milan won 3-0 with Liverpool and in the space of a few minutes loses the game. Or, Juve lost the Scudetto with Perugia, Inter, who lost in the 2002 final rush. These emotions can not give an algorithm. It is very dangerous to talk about algorithms today, would apply a mathematical measure that does not exist in football”.

18.07 – today’s numbers from the Civil Protection – The Civil Protection has published data relating to the last 24 hours. Were made 31.394 swabs and identified 178 new positive COVID-19. The currently positive are 41.367, 708 in less than yesterday. Compared to yesterday, killing 60 people suffering from coronavirus for a total of 33.475 deaths from the beginning of the epidemic. Read here all the numbers of today.

17.29 – Around the League: the calendar already today – an about-turn of the Lega Serie A, who after knowing that the calendar would be shifted to the Wednesday, has made a step backwards and has announced that it is expected already for tonight.

16.49 – Slide to Wednesday, the announcement of the new calendar – Slide the preparation of the final schedule to finish the season 2019/20. The Lega Serie A, reports ‘Sportmediaset’, it will mark the calendar for the Coppa Italia and Serie A prior to the ok of the Government and the FIGC to earlier recovery the 12 June (the current DPCM provides the return in the field not before 14). A sign of respect for institutions is from the palace of via Rosellini, but that should not, however, change the calendar drawn up in the last hour.
You will restart from the Coppa Italia and then by the recoveries of the 25th round, which should be distributed as well.
Torino-Parma (Saturday, 20 June at 19.30)
Hellas Verona-Cagliari (Saturday, 20 June at 21.45)
Atalanta-Sassuolo (Sunday, 21 June at 19.15)
Inter-Sampdoria (Sunday, 21 June at 21.45).

14.55 – Speaks Gravina: “Soon a new proposal for the quarantine” – Gabriele Gravina has released an interview to the microphones of ‘Radio 24’. The number one of the FIGC talked about the much-discussed rule imposed by the Cts relative to the compulsory quarantine of the entire team in case of positivity of a member or of a member of staff: “The football has never asked for short-cuts or discounts. Today, there are clear rules, which allow to continue the activity, isolating an athlete or a professional staff, continuing training. We know that it is expected this standard, the hope is that short, one week before the beginning of the tournaments, and then of the Italian Cup, you can re-evaluate: will send you a new proposal, in the hope that this policy will be reviewed. Today, theoretically, but probably also in practice, creates great anxiety and concern”. Click here for the full interview.

14.11 – the FIGC, here is the protocol for the races – The FIGC has published a few minutes ago the protocol for the resumption of the games are professional: through its official website, the football association has made known the document (available in full version at this link) “general Guidelines for the planning, organization and management of the competitions of professional football in the mode ‘behind closed doors’, aimed at the containment of the disaster epidemiology from COVID-19”.

The document has as its main objective to define Guidelines for the organic and uniform, which enable the planning, organization and management of the dispute of the races of the professional leagues in the mode closed doors for the containment of the emergency and the epidemiological from Covid-19; identify actions for the mitigation of risks to the safety of the players, staff, referees, and workers; specify the categories of persons eligible for the organization of competitions in the mode of closed doors; to establish a homogeneous configuration of the Stages and paths of access to the areas of activity; organize and optimize the procedures of preparation and management of the tv production of the races; to promote the coordination of activities for the structures in charge of the organization and management of safety. To discover in practice how will work the protocol, here you can find a deepening TMW dedicated.

12.07 – The latest on B , As reported by the press office of the League B through an official note, “the general Assembly of the Lega Nazionale professionisti Serie B, left open last may 15, will resume its work on Wednesday, June 3 at 12 noon after the morning, there will be a meeting of the Board of directors. In addition to the communications of the president and the policies of the director-general at the meeting, issues concerning the emergency Covid 19”.

11.37 – Races reversed in the Cup? Will be reversed in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia scheduled for 12 and 13 June? And’ one of the hypothesis launched by Free that speaks to the long calendar of today will be presented, with 10 races to 17,15, 50 to 19.15 and 64 at 21.30. 124 league games but the Cup could be inverted and the dates and so they could start afresh with Napoli-Inter and then the one between Juventus and Milan.

10.43 – No Shield with the algorithm The algorithm is already on the bench of the accused. Because it may give good results, and the results were heavy also on the economic side for the club. Just think of Milan, which at the moment would be the ninth and not the seventh, and out of Europe: would lose in the meantime, 2 million of premiums of more difference to those for the Europa League. The algorithm-specific, however, the newspaper, does not decide the Scudetto: “if you can play the play-off, the title will not be awarded”.

09.55 – Milan without Europe with the algorithm Juventus before with 92,07 points, according to the algorithm identified by the Republic (but the title is not assigned), then Lazio, Inter and Atalanta in the Champions League. In the Europa League should be Rome and Naples, fifth and sixth. Only the ninth place for Milan, behind Verona and Parma, down instead, Lecce, SPAL, and Brescia. For the local decisive a trifle in the calculation: the Genoa would be 36,86 points, Lecce to 36,53.

09.30 – “No to the algorithm,” says Marotta The algorithm was rejected from all the companies of the Serie A. Giuseppe Marotta, chief executive officer of Inter: “it can’t be a solution. How can you consider the unpredictable that is the basis of football? We are opposed to any solution that is not close to the season, or keep the ranking. If you are not able to close the championship is because it will spread the epidemic and then I don’t see how you can play the playoffs and playout”.

09.22 – A race day You will play all the days, from 20 June to 2 August. Today, the League will mark the calendar by the recovery of the June 20, with 4 recoveries: total will be 124 starting: should get the ok from the ministers of health (Hope), and sports (Spadafora) for Juventus-Milan on the 12th and Napoli-Inter on the 13th of June, the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia. The final at the Olympic stadium on the 17th. The idea that today should be the official with the calendar is that from the 22nd, the day of the shooting, there is not even an evening without football.

09.00 – Today, the calendar of A? While waiting to untie the many knots (the tv, quarantine, contracts), should arrive today in the calendar. And from the rumors: (re)from the Torino-Parma to 19: 30 on June 19, the same evening (at 21,45) should be in the field for Hellas Verona-Cagliari. Then on June 20, here’s Atalanta-Sassuolo (19,30) and, finally, Inter-Sampdoria (21,45). With regard to the 27^ day, the first (ri)would play for the entire, here is the advance on Bologna-Juventus (22 June 21.45), while the delays would be Inter-Sassuolo and Atalanta-Lazio (24 June, respectively, 19.30 and 21,45). Among the various advances and delays, here’s the 28 June Milan Rome at 17.15, July 4, Lazio-Milan at 21.45 and on the 7th of July, Milan-Juventus is always 21.45. Week the key to the scudetto in mid-July: 11, Juve has 21,45 Atalanta (the 12 there is a Naples-Milan), the 20 to play at the same time, Juve-Lazio (19 behold Roma-Inter).