The Gazzetta dello Sport today in the newsagent opens with a title on the Coppa Italia: “Catch the Cup.” In ten days we leave for the football played and all will start with the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia: Milan and Juventus shipped from Torino with the score of 1 to 1, while Inter and Napoli will compete at the San Paolo, with the azzurri next to 1 to 0. The four technicians to try to change their formations to leave at once to the great, with the help of mr. Pegs-which will be without Ibrahimovic.

Drama Gattuso – Cut side reserved for the drama lived by the technician of Naples Gennaro Gattuso: yesterday, it died, only 36 years, sister Francesca. It is surrendering to a diabetes aggressive, against which he fought for several years. The night of the 3rd February last had worsened, with Gattuso who, after the match against Sampdoria was ongoing at his bedside. Then yesterday the news that Rino wouldn’t have wanted to receive. The many messages of condolences from the world of football.

The Playoff game had long spoken of the ability to close this season with playoff and playout, but in the end, this hypothesis was abandoned in favor of an algorithm that will draw up the ranking in case of any further suspension. Tomorrow there will be a meeting with all stakeholders to find a permanent solution on the planes B and C, which would be ratified in the next council of 8 June.