Halley Gross, writer of Naughty Dog, recently spoke of one of the fundamental aspects of the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II: the stages stealth.

The title will offer the player the ability to overcome silently certain obstacles, and reconnecting to what is seen in the course of the State of Play dedicated to TLOU2, Halley Gross delves into the aspect of stealth, saying:

“The players have to think constantly about what strategies to adopt to be able to overcome the different challenges. Our goal was the creation of the character deeper than ever, so I hope that people are able to create a bond with Ellie, and find aspects with which to identify oneself”.

Our Ellie will be able to take a more direct approach, or, through the strategy, will avoid direct confrontation with enemies. During the phases of stealth, however, it will be important to plan carefully to overcome the obstacles.

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In related news, we learned that the Survivor mode of TLOU2 will be a nightmare for the players and a challenge for the most adventurous.

The Last of Us Part II will arrive the 19 of June on the PS4.

Source: Dailystar.