The Ferrari Testarossa was in production from 1984 to 1996, and at the international level has been made famous by the tv series “Miami Vice”. Undoubtedly, however, it was first of all a Ferrari, over that icon. The engine was the V12 naturally-aspirated in-cylinder opposed (V 180-degrees) from 5 liters and 390 hp of power. capable of touching 290km/h on the car. Unpublished suspension rear dual shock absorbers and the line, the work of Pininfarina.

Japan, however, receive images of what is considered the Testarossa the most bad, the re-commissioning of the order has been made by the young owner (just 26 years) that craft is the head of two companies to study and produce solutions precedent. The car is mechanically intact and without interventions that have undermined its originality, while aesthetically it is mounted to the bumper of the 512 TR. Supplied with aesthetic and functional work on the suspension (not the case) with ride height lowered and the camber is accentuated for incattivire the aesthetic impact of the car, as like in Japan.