Fabrizio Patti
05 June 2020Oggi handbags celebrating the decision yesterday of the european central bank to buy government securities on the market for another 600 billion. Adding to the 750 billion already placed in the field previously, and it lengthens the duration of the anti-pandemic for another six months, until June 2021 included. The program, said the president, Lagarde, will continue “until the board of directors will not judge ended the crisis by coronavirus”.

It was the more robust of the expectations, the effects of which we hear much today on the banking sector in Piazza Affari: the sector index marks +3,15%. For the Ftse Mib index, the increase in mid-session is 2 percent, the best result in Europe, together with Paris (+1,97%). For the Dax Frankfurt +1,50%, London +1%.

Than opening Monday morning, the Ftse Mib is up 10%, from the beginning of the year, the decline is reduced to just under 15 percent.

Well even the spread, the difference between what makes the Btp Italian than the equivalent German: yesterday it was at the altitude of 195, dropped to 178, today is down the other 2, 176 points.

At Piazza Affari is an increase in the securities of oil, because after an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia as the Brent of the North Sea is close to the 41 dollars per barrel.

Among the individual stocks the best performance for Salvatore Ferragamo, or 9.2%, followed by Bper Bank, +7.9%, And Saipem and Fca (both +5,8%). The title of the Ingot also benefits from the amendment filed by some parties of the government majority (Pd, Italy the Living and Leu), which, if approved, would introduce incentives to 2 thousand euros for the purchase of the car Euro6, to which you should add 2 thousand euro discount from the manufacturers.
Different data come to the front of the real economy. In the afternoon there will be unemployment in the United States. Might get close to 20%, we would be on the highest levels since the Great Depression of 1929.

Meanwhile, retail sales gives an account of April. A decrease of 10% compared to march, down 26% from a year earlier.