In 2008, Quentin Mosimann won the eighth season of Star Academy. A feat that has helped him to establish as a DJ and impose its style. Twelve years later, the winner has changed and put the past in the Star Hq behind him.

Quentin Mosimann



-not to follow

Quentin Mosimann has experienced quite a success by participating in the Star Academy 2008. If it has caught the eye of the fairer sex, it has also appealed to the teachers of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. This popularity and his talent, he helped win last season was aired on TF1 before the program hit the streets on NRJ12. Those with the last of her memories date back to this era may well be surprised to discover that the DJ has become. From a physical point of view and especially from a musical point of view. June 12, next spell , his next album entitled Outside The Box, that he considers her “therapy” and that he had come to do promotion in the show Clique Canal + presented by Karim Bennani.

No regrets

This new work he presents as an “introspection” of his career, Quentin Mosimann is proud. It is no longer the same and has completely changed style. The point of having to wonder if he regrets his participation in Star Academy. And on this point, the artist is adamant : “The Star Ac has changed my life ! I owe him a lot. I don cracherai ever on this show which revealed to me “, he said to Karim Bennani on Thursday 4 June. So far, the coach of ‘The Voice Belgium would appreciate that one speaks to him a little more of something else as of this time :” Nothing would be possible without this issue, and I do not spit on it because today, I’ve made peace with it and I always talk about with great pleasure. It’s just that… after 13 years, there is a side a little “I have not the map”. But that gives me even more eager to beat me, so somewhere it is pretty beneficial “. A bad for a good, therefore !