Serena williams returns to talk about her breast cancer, and reveals important details: “I Wanted to do, and I have made an aesthetic procedure to the belly, because after a pregnancy is important I wanted to fix it up a little bit, he explained, to ‘mind Your own’ – then they decided to do a facelift to the breast, thus delaying the diagnosis because when they opened, there was not a flower but a carcinoma of 5 cm, which I didn’t know anything”.

“They were the ones who had to know and see it, not I – it is finished – I am the actress. Despite my prevention, I do exams every year, was not appeared this problem and so I decided to trust the lawyer Bruno Sgromo to protect themselves and they are happy.” The actress then made to know that the person who did the breast surgery that was “a bit down”, he stressed, has opened and closed but the “fat is not down because there was the cancer that was pushing on”.

Serena Grandi, the law: “late Diagnoses”

The lawyer Sgromo, who attends Serena Grandi, explained to the Ap: “There has been a missed diagnosis, with a delay of eleven months. She’s gone she went for a cosmetic surgery, which used to affect about 5 surgical sites but have not done the investigations preoperative diagnostic that usually need to be made in these situations. If they had facts they would have realized that he had a tumor mass. He discovered eleven months later, when she went to the hospital at Sant ‘Arcangelo di Romagna for a checkup and was told that he had swelling, however, the third stage”.

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At the hospital, ” continues the lawyer, “I immediately intervened, they removed the breast with a surgery is very invasive: total removal of the breast up to the glands axillary. Now hopefully that has resolved, because there is always the danger of a recurrence”. From a legal point of view, “we are going to request compensation for damages that has been assessed biological, then there is the psychological damage, the loss of capacity for work in general, and the aesthetic damage that affected so much to people working in the world of the show. Short will file the acts, have been made various reports, was attended by a legal practitioner, a surgeon, most doctors and specialists because we wanted to make things right. The criminal complaint Great not willed it to do so, we asked for compensation for the damage,” said the lawyer of the Large.