One of the objectives posters of Unreal Engine 5 is primarily to allow developers to directly import in the games asset quality film, consisting of billions of polygons, without too many changes or loss of quality.

In a video interview with Gamespot, Kim Libreri, Chief Technical Officer of Epic Games, has expressed his belief that games and movies will be even more intertwined thanks to the hardware next-gen, and thanks to tools like Unreal Engine 5. The developer even suggests that these new techniques could create new forms of entertainment.

“For quite a while, the main tools that we used to create assets for games and film have been quite similar. I have been in the film industry for quite a long period of time to make films and over the last 20 years, Hollywood has been a sort of pioneer of computer graphics and the search for realism. There was a lot to learn from those techniques. And now we approach the maximum of photo-realistic interactive entertainment within the games, we were able to go on arguing effectively that industry. Almost everything that we did that allows Hollywood to create pixels best is also used by the game developers. But the really interesting thing is that we’re now seeing a crossover in the way in which people think the two sectors”.

“The facial animation technology is pretty much the same in both sectors. If you play Red Dead Redemption, or Horizon-Zero Dawn, these games have a great facial animation. May not be of the same fidelity film today about this generation, but it will be on the next. The two industries are helping each other”.


I think there will be a sort of continuum between the two worlds. We will see a massive entanglement between them. This means that games and movies will be better? Yes, but I also think that we will see new types of entertainment. Look at Fortnite, we are organizing concerts for millions of people. And I think that the entertainment will go more and more towards this fantastic mutation in the next five years, which will dim really the border line”.

The developer, concludes by saying, “we expect developments really crazy in the next 5 years”, thanks to UE5, PS5 and Xbox Series X, by the example of the next Batman by Warner Bros, which, according to Libreri, will offer players a great game of action, supported by assets of the highest quality thanks to the new tools available.

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Source: Wccftech.