The Federal Council of Monday should clarify what will be the future of the Series C, but during this long wait, there are clubs that are moved on the basis of the scenarios that seem to exist. Among these, AlbinoLeffe.
Just through the official channels of the club, the chairman Gianfranco Andreoletti has made the point of the situation: “on Monday I expect is defined as the situation of our league to know whether it is considered to be, unfortunately, concluded, or if, instead, you will be able to/will have to conclude. And in this second case, how you intend to close it. The Pro League had proposed to the Federal Council – with 53 votes in favor to consider ended the season by adjusting the promotions and demotions in a way that seemed balanced and, above all, respectful of those companies that, being in the zone play-out, were unable to play on the ield salvation. The Federal Council, a total of legitimacy, has given several indications, and we shall now see if what was leaked about the possible recovery only for play-out, and the playoffs will confirm”.

The president then continues: “our position is very clear and consistent with the position taken both in Committee in both the Assembly and is due to the fact that the company of the Pro League are not in a position to be able to face on your own a resumption of sports activities in the respect of the protocols drawn up by the Federation to ensure the safety of the people involved and those they come into contact with these. For this reason, considering that this position could inevitably reflect an image on the capacity of the territory of bergamo to face situations of emergency approaches, we turned to the local authorities to see if together, in collaboration and in respect of the individual roles, you can meet this challenge, both sports – far more serious linked to the virus. The local authorities have expressed availability and we are working seriously to see whether it is possible to organize in respect of all protocols, being very clear that in the first place are the health and safety of all those who will participate in this phase”.

In this respect, in the conclusion to his thought, the number one seriani spoke of the main critical points in view of an eventual recovery: “First and foremost, whereas a “definition” in a football game, and during training, in preparation of the same the interpreters can, in a phase of the game, respect the distancing from the social, is one of the basic rules of the fight to the virus, so the risk of a possible spread of the infection would be very high.
To prevent this risk, the doctor, the hygiene of the premises and the frequency of the tests in terms of the sera, and swabs, are the critical aspects to organize. And it is on these themes that we are working with the local authorities, for which I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the support they are giving us.
In case the rumors about the mode of the conclusion of the championship were confirmed, if we can organize ourselves in respect of the security protocols, we will participate in the playoffs, otherwise, inevitably, there holiday atmosphere”.