The date of 2 June was marked by the reopening of bars, cafés and restaurants in the whole of France, with the exception of the Île-de-France, which is still in the orange zone. Only the terraces have been allowed to host customers and it is expected to last until June 22. Although the chefs who are lucky enough to have outdoor space have the opportunity to work, they are many to emphasize that this does not solve their financial worries.

On 15 march, all have been forced to close the doors of their(s) restaurant(s) in order to stem the epidemic of the coronavirus. During more than two months, they could not exercise their activity and were afraid of the bankruptcy. Throughout the duration of the confinement, Philippe Etchebest has cried out in his distress and he has not finished to do so. Invited in You have the word (France 2) on June 4, the jury of Top Chef (who was able to open her restaurant on The Fourth Wall in Bordeaux) has once again made the point on the situation. “At national level, it is -50% in turnover compared to last year. Everyone’s happy to return to work for us, but also for the State, because it was necessary at any given time, however, the measures of distance-physical, they penalize when even significantly, to the tune of half, and it is confirmed by the figures. Today, the business models of restaurants are not made to turn at half, especially as the fixed costs are still at it,” he said. According to the estimates he had made with with Resto set and SOS bistros, 40% of the facilities would have to close their doors by the end of the year “nothing happens”.

The distress of Yves Camdeborde

Philippe Etchebest is not the only one to alert the State about their situation. Today, ten heads of the parisians have signed an article in Le Figaro to ask for reopening all of their restaurants. And Yves Camdeborde, who is a signatory, has agreed to speak on LCI in the show Audrey & Co. “I am the perfect profile. I have a terrace. I’ve been lucky enough to have come out squarely my restaurant in the street, so today, I have the same ability. So certainly, on paper, it is very good. But the economic reality is quite different. The example is that Wednesday we worked correctly, although we have had a storm at the end of the evening, we had barely covered the fees, but yesterday, we did nothing. Because the weather has decided otherwise. So this is the example that this model may not go. We will continue digging our grave,” he worried. He then explained that their profession was in a “state of psychological drama” and said that he had not been able to re-employ only 35% of its employees. After having lost “210 000 francs of rent”, the former juror of Masterchef has asked that all the restaurants are open until 22 June.