The lawyer and attorney Claudio Pasqualin commented to TMW Radio, during the Maracana, the news of the day.

The contract extension, there is the risk that someone does not fall in the field:
“It is obvious that in point of law, if there is no agreement with the players, the contracts remain so. Fifa has dictated guidelines, but you must sit the parties and reach an agreement. It is evident that there must be the free encounter of the will of the parties, or the player can close his relationship to the natural expiration of the contract, i.e. 30 June.”

Tare has said that Milinkovic can go off only under certain conditions:
“These are phrases that you say. It is an opening to negotiations. They are now on the market, if there are the chances to make the shot. We will try to get to the sum required to Lazio, maybe adding a few young. The market that awaits us will be almost barter, as defined by someone”.

Milinkovic-Lautaro, who is really?
“The offer of Barcelona is irrifiutabile to Lautaro, one of Milinkovic is a bargain still standing. And it is not easy to deal with Lotito. I see Barcelona almost secure for Lautaro”.

One of the two is the most difficult to replace?
“They are both difficult to replace. But if for Lautaro the negotiation is in progress and also advanced Milinkovic has yet to be born. For Milinkovic 90 million are a pipe dream. Certain figures will not be offered this year. It went well for Inter, managed to get 50 million at Psg for the europa league but still 20 less than those required before the Covid-19. If Lotito asks for 90 million, you will not do the deal, but if it reduces the price…”.