The name of Escobar is back in the headlines ! Not because of Pablo, the deceased drug dealer of colombia, but its big brother, Roberto. The man of 73 years attack Apple in court, in which he claims more than 2 billion euros of damages and interests.

The info is signed by TMZ ! The u.s. site reveals that Roberto Escobar continues to Apple, and claimed for the sum of $ 2.6 billion, a little more of 2.32 billion euros. The complainant accuses the american brand to have put his life in danger, because of the flaws in security of its phones. A man named Diego would have hacked the iPhone X of Roberto Escobar by using the application FaceTime, which allows users to make calls into visio, and have found his address.

An employee of an Apple store he had however assured that iPhone X was the smartphone the most secure on the market.

This iPhone X, Roberto Escobar bought it in April 2018, to be able to communicate without the risk of being hacked. A year later, he had received a threatening letter of this famous Diego, who described having found his address with FaceTime. In its complaint, Roberto Escobar explains that it has conducted its own investigation. It gave reason to the man who threatened : FaceTime would have helped locate it.

Since then, the brother of Pablo Escobar moved for its security and has strengthened his bodyguards, an expensive decision for the man who has already been the victim of several assassination attempts.

Waiting for a clearing, Roberto Escobar wants to compete with Apple. It sells iPhone 11 Pro gold plated limited edition, for $ 499 dollars (about 450 euros).