A long chase, then stopped. Gianluca Caprari, that Parma, chasing a long time, has had very little time to demonstrate to the public the crusader its value. Came to the duke to the last bars of the market in the summer, is one of the many players “held back” by the suspension of the league due to the Covid-19. And it is one of the most extraordinary cases in which everything is in his hands: the estimation of the management and technical staff, as mentioned, is long, and on this there is no doubt. The intentions, in substance, are clear enough. Net of this, of course will be the field that make the difference. Then there will be time to sit at the table with Sampdoria and, as for all, think about any discounts on things you think when the emergency health and economic was unpredictable.

Age: 26 years
Position: striker
The Atalanta from: January 2020
On loan from: Tottenham
Ransom set at: 9 million
How he played this season with the Parma: 3 games – all in A-Series (117’)