Not only voucher but also refund in money. Is what is required by Altroconsumo with a letter addressed to the Presidency of the Council and the Ministry for Economic Development, entering fully into one of the nodes in the most difficult of the situation of Music in times of pandemic. In recent weeks, many have complained of the inability to get back the money I spent to many concerts: the law provides that tickets for concerts postponed or cancelled because of the provisions to contain the Covid-19 are replaced with vouchers, the vouchers in fact, of equal value to spend on other events of the same organizer, in the next 18 months.

The difficulty of the voucher and the need for the refund

A choice that in the idea of the legislator helps both the consumer and the organiser, but in the concrete has not obtained the favour of a part of the public that, considering the complex moment, would prefer to have in our pockets, the money spent for concerts. the problems are various, some have spent many hundreds of euro to see the artists who are likely not to go back to Italy, as in the case of Paul McCartney, but there are also those who would use the money spent for another, in view of the economic difficulties, or those who don’t want to have spent money for Vasco and be forced to see others, or simply because of the difficulties of reorganizing a trip, you prefer to give it up. For this, associations such as Altroconsumo took steps to seek to revise the law, although, in the meantime, ask to make use of the vouchers, pending any changes to the law.

The proposed change to the voucher

We believe that the consumer should be able to choose whether to settle for a voucher or get a real cash refund” reads the letter in which there are a few precise demands. In the meantime, it asks you to give the consumer the possibility to choose between cash refund and coupon/voucher valid for a future event even if the event is not cancelled but only postponed, extend the validity of the voucher up to 24 months and not 18, can transfer their voucher to third parties, to obtain refund of the money if the voucher is not used before expiration, and, finally, calls for the creation of a guarantee fund to reimburse the consumer if the organizer fails.