Digital platform Netflix confidently directed his gaze in the direction of Japanese animation. The company not only sponsors the creation of various animated series and films, but also engaged in the adaptation of existing material. One of the most remarkable adaptations of this kind is an upcoming serial “Cowboy Bebop“, created on the basis of the same anime Director of Sinitiro Watanabe.

Recently portal io9 spoke with Javier Grillo-Marksa, one of the screenwriters of “Bebop” from Netflix, which said a lot about the upcoming show. Below we have written to you the main points of the interview.

  • Rumors that the dog Ainu will replace the breed is a lie. Dog, as in the original, will be a true Corgi.
  • The series will be a very good adaptation. For the crew it was important that the project has not lost the spirit of the anime and resembled the original in everything – from suits to tone and mood.
  • Despite this, the “Cowboy Bebop” from Netflix will still be supplemented by a number of original scenes and episodes. The timing of each of the series equals one hour, which is obviously more than the 22-minute editions of the anime, respectively and the story will change somewhat.
  • Some creative freedom and assumptions Netflix will use in order to better reveal spike and create more end-to-end story lines that will intersect with many episodes and scenes in order to create a more coherent narrative.
  • The free adaptation will also be some recognizable elements of familiar images of your favorite characters. For example, the spike will be less likely to reach for cigarettes, and the suit Fay will be less candid.
  • Shooting team “Bebop” hopes that all fans of the original anime will give a chance to the new series and just appreciate the new adaptation, which promises to be not replacement, but addition to the classical Canon.

“On the screens will always appear not the best adaptation and restarts of your favorite pieces. But we came to work as fans. We love this genre, like science fiction, and we love Bebop”, – concluded the writer.

Now “Cowboy Bebop” from Netflix has the exact date of the premiere. Starring John Cho (spike Spiegel) in the process of filming was seriously injured, causing the production of the show stopped after three shot series, and later the world was shocked by the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

But despite all this, the writers are now actively working on ideas for the second season that the series was renewed a few months ago.

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