“How am I? A difficult question… It’s a strange time, I’m going through a moment a little mind-blowing…”. Thus begins the long interview granted to the weekly Today – in which Morgan recounts without filters, the difficulty of the months he is going through. A few days after the release of his first book, “Be Morgan. The Yellow House (The Ship of Theseus)”, and two and a half months from the arrival of his third child, Maria, Eco, born from the relationship with Alessandra Cataldo, the musician expresses his disagreement interior. The question of what might be of help replies: “Definitely detoxification. And I want the cameras on him, in such a way that it could be seen by all; so that my detractors would have nothing more to say. Enough is enough”.

Morgan wants to detoxify direct

Morgan intends to demonstrate to the public to become a new man. “To tell you the truth I was making, Angelica (the ex-girlfriend who, he says, he is not allowed to see, ndr) is the only one that was able to convince me… he left Me like a dog, and I have relapsed. This is the truth. Until she was there and I could, we were doing it. With of the doctors who followed me, and then they told me that I had to do it alone. And now? I am very demoralized, dejected, I had to miss the spring, she was my “spiritual reference”.

“That’s obvious, that one must do it on their own, but this has given me a blow crazy – continue – Therefore I say: we light the cameras. I need a motivation, so I can not deceive the public. I’d like to document step by step that I am coming out from the dependency, right now… it takes strength, I know. But I’m like Christ, I have a power crazy”.

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Morgan neo dad

And Alessandra, who recently gave the third daughter, Mary Echo, says: “Alessandra is a person that wanted me, and wants me very well, is doing the mother in a way praiseworthy, and has endured so much of me and would be willing still to endure… But I saw the story with her reached its epilogue. Beautiful, of course, because having a child is a magnificent gift. It is gorgeous, and I said thank you for all the years he has dedicated to my life… (bursts into tears, ndr)”.