“In the past I have got players that then have made much? It is not a matter of how much you pay. What’s important are the features that must be useful for the team.” The sporting director of Lazio, Igli Tare, so speaks to Sky Sports focusing also on one of the purchases is the symbol of the team: “his mercy we took it for its quality and for us is at the top. The long we were sure that it would have been a great shot. The spending spree does not always pay, the important thing is to have a competitive team that can fight on two or three fronts.”

Lazio has reached its equilibrium. Must not do too much the market.
“I have a strong bond with this group, has been shown to be healthy and responsible. I’m glad to have created something unique. We try to maintain this level for as long as possible. I would like everyone to end the career at Lazio, even if I know that is not possible. The link between all the parts is strong. Not smantelleremo the team and we will try to improve the rose”.

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