“With the masks we have an opportunity, to express ourselves more with the eyes”, so think of Marc Jacobs, the american designer that during the lockdown, has reinvented himself as a beauty vlogger, and he experimented on himself the magic of the make-up in her too-torials” posted on profile Instagram.

“I’m a big fan of beauty, fashion and self-expression, and are also the make-up if it helps me to be me,” he recounted on the occasion of a zoom international call with a few journalists from beauty and make-up artist Sarah Tanno, the trusted advisor of Lady Gaga, during a meeting, virtual presentation of his new creation, the mascara At Lash’d. The second of the brand Marc Jacobs Beauty formula that gives volume, definition and curvature, which is enclosed in a packaging luxury, metal, gold and black, very lightweight and easy to handle, inspired by a dress from the collection Resort 2014 the designer.

They are a type from eyes, my true obsession is eyebrows. I don’t do Zoom or Facetime call without having them intensified, I would feel as if I were naked. In general, I believe that some of the expressions of the eyes are so eloquent to amplify the conversation, with the wink, for example. The eyes are small canvases on which to create colors with shimmer, shiny, or just to play with different shapes. I love putting makeup on with the technique of finger painting without brushes, because I need to dip your finger and try this or that color that I see in the palette. It is a way that is instinctive to use makeup, I don’t know what I do, but I know what you feel.”

“I think that the make-up should tell a story. With the mascara Velvet Noir of the story was the staple of velvet, I wanted to replicate that effect in a texture. At Lash’d, instead, reproduces the gesture that my mother had learned from the drug queen to apply false eyelashes. A result of length and definition that I wanted to give the lashes all day. Diana Ross, with its long, false eyelashes effect spider totally iconic, is my model”.

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“When we were developing At Lash’d Mascara, The referenced iconic images of women with very long eyelashes, and some of these of course were created with false eyelashes. To day version of that, that doesn’t involve a false eyelash, is what we’ve achieved with At Lash’d.”- @TheMarcJacobs #Inspiration #AtLashd #maskformascara Photo of #DianaRoss by #HarryLangdon, 1974

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“Do sway the applicator at the base of the lashes with a brush from the makeup keep them firm and lift the upper lashes, or the lower ones, so as to cover a good mascara at the base, an effect that simulates the eyelash curler”.

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