“No special treatment for the world of football.” Clear words by professor Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Council of Health and a member dl the Scientific and Technical Committee, spoke today to Radio Marte: “I would Say that, as we have done in the last few weeks in view of the recovery, we must do also in this case, one step at a time. We need to persevere in a prudent approach, we will reflect in a few weeks about this possibility. However, everything must be done with absolute smoothness and the numbers of the curves have continue to comfort you also in the future”.

The node remains in quarantine in the case of a new positive among the players.
“The world of football can not have different treatment than those that are used in the rest of the Country. The duration of quarantine should be established on the entire National territory. If it is 14 days, it must be 14 days in football. Then, in virtue of the evolution of the epidemic curve will change the national provision, then you will be able to change and adapt, even in football”.