This is not a secret for anyone, some celebrities are not afraid to use Photoshop to edit some of the details for the photo is to their liking. This is what has made Kim Glow on June 1, 2020, but unfortunately, its subscribers have not really been fans of its publication.

The former candidate of Marseille posted a photo of herself in a bikini, near a swimming pool. She released her most beautiful fiery eyes while playing a bit with his sarong. The concern ? Users have not recognized the young woman of 35 years on the dump as his face had been changed. As have spotted our colleagues Here, they have not failed to tell the substance of their thought in the comment. “The photo is not retouched, Kim you’re beautiful, but then you’re” forced”, “It looks like a cheat code for GTA”, “That is not it, it is impossible”, was it written. Since then, Kim has disabled comments, probably tired by the critics.

The inhabitant of the South is at the heart of critics in recent months. Last march, Kim Glow had made controversy by calling Tunisia from dictatorship, because it was blocked due to the coronavirus. Then she had held improper remarks towards the people who earned the Minimum wage, then about complotistes. And Monday the 1st of June, it is his tribute to George Floyd, who has done a lot to talk about.