Monday, 1 June 2020, Cyril Hanouna was at the controls of a new issue of C that kif, on C8. And the presenter of a 45-year-old has managed to learn more about the love life of Jean-Michel Mayor.

Cyril Hanouna he was clearly asked if he had “a little bride in this time.” After admitting to his boss that there was a “little something”, the columnist of 58-year-old has revealed that the lucky lady’s name was Marion and that he knew her for a long time. If they were only simple friends, the containment has finished by the closer. “We have a love in common : dogs. It is found that she has two dogs and as she was confined with them in a small apartment, I offered him to come to me because I have the chance to have a terrace. I told him that the dogs would have more space and it would be less complicated for her,” he confided.

Initially, the young woman did not dare to accept his proposal, for fear of disturbing him. But she eventually changed his mind when Jean-Michel Mayor assured him that this was only for a few days. “Two days, three days, four days, and then she remained two months,” he continued. If it was love at first sight between the dog of the chronicler and one of those of his companion, it was not even for their masters. “It happened gradually”, he concluded the subject. The gist of it is that today, it is a happy man. Let’s hope that this romance will last.

The last evocation of the love life of Jean-Michel Mayor date a year ago. At the time, it is Cyril Hanouna, who revealed he had been as a couple : “He is in love, Jean-Mi. We have talked about in lodge. There it is, it has resumed with a g. It is secured. I know the person well, I like it a lot. And I hope that, if there is a wedding, I will be a witness.”