The emotion was at the rendezvous on June 4, 2020, at the ceremony of the funeral of Guy Bedos organized in the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Of course, Michel Drucker was present at the side of the widow of the humorist, Joëlle Bercot, and his children, Nicholas and Victoria Bedos, as were Jean-Paul Belmondo, Emmanuelle Béart, Jean Dujardin, Virginie Efira… Of the funeral that the presenter of Vivement dimanche has told during his time in the emission Time of the pros on CNews, Friday morning.

“Yesterday it was great. It was funny, it was moving, Muriel Robin has tried through her tears to tell this magnificent duo that she formed with a Guy, remembered the presenter 77-year-old, who was a relative of the actor. He was a man of extremely mild, a father’s extraordinary family, the whole family gathered yesterday, it was overwhelming.” Michel Drucker was also told on the last weeks of Guy Bedos, who died may 28 at the age of 85 years.

The actor was particularly unhappy to be deprived of her children because of the confinement : “He ended his life elsewhere, he was sad, he ate little, ( … ) it was almost a hunger strike. This pandemic, which came at a terrible time prevented him from seeing his family for two months, two months where it was really necessary that he sees a lot.”

An end-of-life challenging Victoria Bedos had already mentioned in a letter published by Paris Match on the eve of the funeral : “He had to get out of the area, you wanted to leave, by rebel man, that thou art, thou hast done a hunger strike for it to stop. (…) And mom [Joëlle Bercot, ED.], Nicolas and me, we understood, we accepted, and we didn’t struggle against your dignity. And worthy, you’ve been until the end.”