Following the example of with Total Annihilation as a gift, also Steam decides to offer the possibility to their users to download a free game for a limited period of time, that is, The Uncertain Last Quiet Day, a sci-fi adventure set in a world post-atomic.

Developed and produced by the New Game Order, the experience of The Uncertain is available on Steam from September 2016. Those who want to redeem a free copy of the Last Quiet Day can do so up to 19:00 Italian Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Once you have finished the promotion, those who have redeemed a copy of the game will be able to keep it forever in the catalogue of titles associated with your account.

The project of The Uncertain Last Quiet Day puts users in the shoes of an automaton, RT-217NP, intrigued by the legacy of human beings, and called to make a long and dangerous journey to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and information.

Despite the catastrophe caused by the nuclear war that devastated the planet, the world of The Uncertain it will be anything but deserted: our intrepid alter-ego, you will have to contend with the cyborgs guarding of military installations, scientific, cultural or strategic interest. The way to go with RT-217NP will therefore be fraught with danger, with lots of environmental puzzles to overcome and puzzles to risorvere to progress in the story. At the bottom and at the top of the news are the pictures and the video of the presentation that the team of the New Game the Order has packed on the occasion of the launch of The Uncertain Last Quiet Day at the end of 2016.