Studio Grinding Gear Games announced the addition of”Harvest” for their action-RPG Path of Exile. Its gameplay trailer with developer commentary can be viewed below.
In “the Harvest” players will look for caches of seeds in each area. These seeds will need to carry through the portal of Osabi to the Sacred grove and plant to grow dangerous and valuable monsters.
When the monsters are ready for harvest, players will be able to kill them and use their life force to create items. The authors note that most of the seeds germinate easily, however rare examples would require more careful planning.
Also in this Appendix players are waiting for new opportunities craft, 8 new skills, 2 new stone support, update, two-handed weapons, battle cries, stamps, and the tree passive skills.
In addition, the developers will add 12 new unique items and processed more than 50 available. The addition of “Harvest” for Path of Exile will be released on June 19 on the PC and 24 June on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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