The United States burn in an escalation of protests because of the killing by an agent of the Police of the african-american George, Floyd, and Lewis Hamilton is not going to look. The only champion of the black world in the history of Formula 1, after having pointed the finger against his colleagues for not having condemned the violent racism, is back to reflect on the topic. “The last week has been so dark that I lose control of my emotions,” wrote Hamilton on Instagram -. I felt so much anger, sadness and disbelief for what I saw with my own eyes. Are totally overwhelmed by rage at the sight of so brazen disregard for our lives.”

“The injustice that our brothers and sisters have to suffer continually all over the world is disgusting, and must end. Many people seem to be surprises, but for us it is not new. Who is black sees him every day, and should never feel guilty, out of place or have a fear of death because of the color of their skin,” added the six-times world F1 champion. “Will Smith said it in the best way: racism is not getting worse, it is just a movie. Only this time, when the world is full of cameras, the issue has emerged in a way that is so obvious. The powers that be give up and do something only when there are riots and demonstrations in order to have justice; on that point, however, it is too late and there is not enough”.

“It took the protests of hundreds of thousands of people and buildings up in flames before the authorities reagissero and decide to stop Derek Chauvin for murder; it is very sad. Unfortunately, racism is not only alive in America, “recalls Hamilton, who concluded his message with an exhortation to his followers: “please, do not remain silent, regardless of the color of your skin”. Last week, Hamilton had urged their colleagues in Formula 1 to show their anger for what happened, and many – among them, Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc – had responded to the appeal. Yesterday, I received a message from F1: “There we deploy from your part, with all the people that fight against racism. It is an evil from which no sport – but no society is truly immune. Only together can we stand up and be completely eradicated. Together we are stronger”, is the law.