The future of the aerospace industry is “reusable”, and he has taught SpaceX paving the way for this technology and other aerospace agencies are working in this direction. Speaking of ESA, the european reality has started working on it in 2017, with the collaboration of ArianeGroup, we speak of a project of the rocket reusable, called Prometheus, which is currently in the process swimmingly.

The initial predictions were talking about the first tests on the ground from 2020 onwards, a new note provides updates and new dates, saying that 2021 will be a good year to try the new technology.

The rocket engine of the Prometheus will be powered by liquid propellants oxygen-methane, which, according to the ESA are readily available with high levels of standardization and efficiency. Some of the components of the rocket will be created by using what is essentially the technology of 3D printing, helping to contain costs.

In addition to its lower cost and the source of fuel and highly efficient, the rocket engine will also be more flexible than the current offerings: the ESA says that it will be suitable for a wider variety of launch vehicles, it also looks at the compatibility with some projects futuristic to ensure a certain longevity.

The ESA makes it clear that the recent funding received will proceed in developments-bringing Prometheus to a technical maturity suitable for manufacturing on a large scale. The forecasts speak of a rocket from the lower cost, for example, of 10 times compared to the Ariane 5.Some components are already finished and ready for the test, including the input of the pump, the turbine and the valves of the gas generator.

The model of the combustion chamber will be tested at the end of this month if everything goes according to plan; the combustion chamber will be delivered by the end of the year. So appointment to 2021 for the test, when, with a good chance everything will be ready to evaluate in the field the goodness of the ESA project. There ricoriamo finally. the founder of the rocket reusable, Falcon 9, has recently turned off the first 10 candles.