On his account Instagram, Enora Malagré has shared a video where we see her mingled with other protesters at the rally following the call of the collective “Justice for Adama”. Some people, very angry, felt that she was unconscious.

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Since the death of George Floyd, rallies and protests increased in the United States. In France, the group “Justice for Adama” has called on the French to gather in this Tuesday, June 2, before the tribunal of Paris, and this despite the ban of the prefecture of police. “Today, this is nothing more than the fight of the family Traoré, this is your fight you all (…). Today, when people fought for George Floyd, you fight for Adama Traoré”, has launched Assa Traoré, older sister of Adama. Among the crowd, Enora Malagré was part of the protesters. On his account Instagram, the former columnist of a Button not to my post has published a video where one can see hidden, surrounded by dozens of protesters. “June 2. Engraved in our memories. Liberty / equality / fraternity”, she wrote in the caption. If for some viewers, his presence in the crowd is a nice initiative, for others, the video is a real mistake.

No respect of distanciations social

In fact, the distanciations social have not been met during the rally. Even if the protesters were wearing for most of the masks, they were still very close to each other. Users, infuriated by this behavior, have commented on the publication, sometimes vociferously : “I hope that nobody chopera the COVID. So the cause is good but frankly this is really the unconscious” or even “unauthorized Demonstration, and social distancing non-existent. Bravo and continue, in September, everything closes,” wrote an internet user very angry, in the comment of the video. A message that has deeply upset Enora Malagré which he responded : “Excuse me, but firm-there, we’re all hidden,” he wrote.

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2 June . Engraved in our memories . Liberty / equality / fraternity . #pasdejusticepasdepaix #onestensemble @assa.traore_ ✊🏿✊🏽✊✊🏻 @nadegebeaussondiagne @aissamaiga ❤️❤️

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