While the network continues to debated on the statements of David Braben on the end of the games on physical media within the next 3 years, his team of Frontier Development announced Odyssey, the new DLC for Elite Dangerous that will allow us to abandon the cockpit of the spaceship to wander among the alien worlds.

Described by the authors of Braben as “the largest expansion of Elite Dangerous never developed until today”, Odyssey will allow fans of the space simulator to land on the many planets of the Milky Way, reconstructed in the game to wear the pressure suit of his own astronaut digital.

In this new mode, first-person, users will be able to deal with combat, trade, deal with missions based on stealth and interact with a plethora of new secondary characters. All of the innovations planned, according to the team of Frontier, will make it even more exciting the title is for the more experienced that for the first time.

With Odyssey we will see then to theintroduction of hub, social scattered around the galaxy where you can plan for contracts and task multiplayer cooperative or competitive, form new alliances and acquire unique weapons and gear with which to further develop their spaceship, and his indomitable commander. The launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey is expected in the first few months of 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: take a look at the video presentation of the new expansion and let us know what you think about it.