Bungie has revealed inadvertently when he speaks of the 4° year of Destiny 2.

Recently, the account Instagram official Destiny 2 has published a video teaser that concluded with the confirmation of the time and date will be revealed in the next content of the game.

The expansions of Destiny are usually unveiled in the summer and, apparently, the next to be unveiled Tuesday, June 9, at 18 hours Italian.

The post was deleted from the page quickly enough, but there is still a working link. The teaser itself saw the character Eris Morn, the star of the Shadowkeep and the other expansions to Destiny, who was struggling to climb a snow covered mountain dense.


It is not clear why the post was deleted, but maybe the developer has decided not to reveal the new content for solidarity with the current social crisis in the United States. The protests against the racism they have already raised the response of many of the protagonists of the industry, including Sony, which has decided to postpone the event PS5.

What do you think?

Source: VG247.