Denis Brogniart is a man rather secret, but thanks to the portrait of Liberation, the famous sports journalist and presenter has done previously untold secrets. We learn in particular that he was very sick.

There is little, on TF1, Denis Brogniart was assigned on the shock had been the death of his father, who died at the age of 49 years (there are twenty-eight years old) to cancer. “I’ve had the misfortune of losing my father, he was younger than me today, and when I speak of its pathology, today with doctors, they tell me that if he had had yesterday, it would have saved thanks to the advances that we know today,” he said. As stated in Release : “this trauma early, he inherited a hypochondria to bright. Since he has exceeded the fateful age, he was in survivor. Relieved, he said : ‘I went further than him.'” And he is especially engaged in the fight against cancer by becoming an ambassador for the foundation Arc.

In the sequel of the paper, a sentence does not leave indifferent : “He paid for his right of passage, overcoming a pathology, an orphan who has eaten the cheeks some time.” A disease in which the public was unaware and which therefore affected the big guy of 1.92 m to 82 kilos. We don’t know more.

The health of Denis Broogniart had alarmed the viewers in 2019 when it appeared emaciated in Koh-Lanta. The 52 year old man was then taken to reassure in a message posted on Twitter : “Just a quick message to respond to those who have found yesterday in the first episode of Koh-Lanta that I had lost weight. It is true, you’re right. I lost a few kilos following a virus. But, don’t worry, this is all ancient history. I have regained my healthy weight, the proof is in the pictures. And for the anecdote, know that on the set of Koh-Lanta, to recover more quickly my physical condition, I’ve done more than 1000 miles on your bike.”