A PROPOSAL – The car industry is one of the countries most affected in the pandemic. The manufacturers are trying to put in place measures to exit from this crisis that is causing ever more concern. In these situations, the tool incentives to purchase new cars seems to be the most suitable instrument, but the Decree re-launch, in the first draft, has not taken into account. In these last hours useful to present the amendments to the Decree of the relaunch, the secretary of Development, Alessia Morani (Pd), proposes the introduction of an incentive on the 2020 and 2021 will dispose of the stock of cars produced, which, however, have high standards for the reduction of emissions. According to the secretary of this is a necessary measure because it estimates that in the yards remain to 350,000 vehicles produced before the crisis and have not yet been sold.

ASSOCIATIONS – All the most important associations of the automotive sector the Italian Anfia, unrae managing and Federauto) have expressed in recent weeks, the big concern for the choices made by the Government, in the recent Decree on the revival, calling on interventions in favour of the sector. For these associations, it is incomprehensible that in Italy you don’t do anything to protect the car industry, which already was in a state of health that is anything but enviable. The president of Anfia, Paul Squires, had asked for “a tailored intervention” for the car industry is already strained by the transition technology and production.